JM Reviews Is a site all reviews on products


F.A.Q About JM Reviews.

Who is JM Reviews.

JM Reviews is a group of people that looks and tests products for sellers from all over the world.

How Long Has JM Reviews Been Going.

JM Reviews is new and only been going a month.

Do You Leave Bad Reviews.

JM Reviews believe in providing reviews for products and after we have the product if we don’t think the product is good we shall make other aware of this. We don’t leave bad reviews if we can help it.

What Products Do You Test.

JM Reviews tests all types of products from Camping & Hiking, Food & Drink (UK ONLY), Kids, Kitchen, Electronics & Photo, Store Reviews (UK ONLY) and more.

Do You Shop With Amazon.

90% of our products are from amazon.

Do You Have Amazon Profile.

Yes you can see our amazon profile by clicking HERE.

What Is The Time Frame For Reviews.

All our Reviews are done with in 7 working days unless agreed with the person we are doing a product review with.

Where Is JM Reviews Based.

JM Reviews is based in the UK.

What Products Have You Had So Far.

All products that are on JM Reviews are the products we have had the chance to test and review.

Do You Do Refunds Via Paypal.

JM Reviews does not accept paypal refunds.

Do You Accept Amazon Gift Cards.

We accept gift cards to cover the cost of the product that you want us to review.

What Is The % Of Discount Do You Accept.

All products need to have at least 98% discount before we would buy the product to test and review unless we have agreed before hand.

How Long After You Order Products Do You Leave Reviews.

Old Terms: We leave reviews 3 day after we get the product but some times can be 7 working days. Unless we have already agreed less days.

New Rules: All reviews are published on JM Reviews and then published on amazon with in 7 days after we publish the review on our website.

When You Order Product Whats The Time Frame For You To Order For Next Day Delivery.

We order products for next day up in till 1pm GMT time for the product to get to me the next working day after this time all products will turn up the following working day.

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