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63 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set 28.99

63 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set

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This is a really handy kit and can be used in multiple scenario’s. There are several attachments that you won’t find on a standard screwdriver set. The attachments are very small which is useful for all the toys and electronics that don’t fit a normal screwdriver set. We have a letterbox that needed replacing and a normal screwdriver wouldn’t work because it’s not flexible. This screwdriver set has a flexible end which means it can be bend in to hard to reach places. I was able to fix the letterbox with this. The handle has the ability to extend, for extra length and there is also a bendy attachment to flex into the out of reach places.

With the multiple ends (as above) it’s hard to imagine that you would need any other set for adjusting electronics, it’s a very comprehensive kit. The materials for this are high quality and easy to use. I think this is an essential piece of kit. The magnetic function is handy, as it helps secure the attachments on. The handle has a good grip. This set doesn’t take up much space either. The attachments are also labelled so that you know the size. The set also comes with a set for smartphone repairs. The suction cup and plastic opener help to prize open the case without causing damage.I would highly recommend.

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